Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Exploring Creativity at DogA

The presentations at the release of Erik Lerdahl book Slagkraft were interesting and inspiering.
The things I remember:
You can't force creativity by methods but you can increase the chances of good idéas coming up.
Lock at your idea from the outside and critisize it.
The first idea is almost always traditional.
If you are stuck and lack engagement-Just tear everything up and start over again with new things.
Curiousity=Luck The curious people are the ones hwo have good luck.
Use five minutes in the beginning of a creativity meeting to losen everything up.So people are not so stiff.Then you will gain maybee an hour that you ohterwise would use thinking about, can I say that and so on.
I bought Kreativ ABC by Stig Hjerkinn Haug, one of the speakers.A really funny man.

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