Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Visit at Galleri K

My thoughts after the meeting with photographer Mikkel McAlinden...
At first he was reluctant about trying to express in what way and wich methods he used for being creative.But after a few more questions he starded to express what we were looking foor.And obviously he had some methods.
I think that it is really hard to find out what method you are really using.It takes a lot of thinking to bring it out and put it in words.And I am also a bit sad about taking away the mysterious onknown glow about creativity
One thing he said that I liked was that he needs to do bad ugly things aswell.Just to do something without the pressure of it having to be perfect.To create without reaching somewhere.I think that is real creativity...to create without limits.
He talked about that he sorted thoughts, idéas, experiences if different boxes in his head.And you can pic something from these boxes when you need to.It is a hard job to keep everything in your head.
The uncontious was another subject.No genious idéas come from God he said.It is just things that have been stored in the uncontious and at a moment some of them fit together and you find meening and think that somthing is obvious...you got a good idéa.But isn't it dangerous to trust your uncontious conclutions? Couldn't your brain just combine anything and suddenly find a match?
One of his methods for not being repetetive was to try to use new ways of attacking his projects as often as possible.He wanted development and not to be stuck in the same way of doing things. That would kill the creativity.
And finaly I liked the fact that he decided to be finished with his work at a certain time.I think it is hard to end something.You can always do more.And I love the feeling when something is finished.So I guess is is important to set a limit.

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