Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Last day before the essay week

Things that were said:
There are different roles in a creative group-and you can't be all of those yourself
Disagrement-important in a group
What qualities do you have that makes you a good team?
Live with the uncertainty-a litle further and probably a better idea will come to you,don't just jump on the first one
Never think that you have the best design-there can always be better ones
How close am I to the best design
The brain is comfortable and want's to solve problems-you often stay at that comfortable level "good enough"- continue working-to live with uncertainty longer pays of.
Make uncertainty/discomfort your friend!
Strech yourself.And even if you end up at the same idea, you have a different view on it.
You get attached to your firt idea-be able to throw it away.
Methods for getting a new perspective on your project:
Put it away for a while
Get it down on paper-write it away-And then it's out of your head and you can throw it if you want to.
Keep the soultion but change the parameters, the background-new view
Se it as a solution among others, not as the only one.
reverse assumptions-the water comes out of the tap ot goes into the tap-different solutions-you can move on
Think of why you are stuck to the idea.Wat is so good about it
Honest feedback from others-they can be more critical than you
Try to do the worst design solution, to se the extreme

Don't be afraid to do crappy things
Manipulate yourself to think positive about the project-focuse on the positive-se the special thinhs an the challenge
Reflect about the good and bad sides to the project.Don't try to hide the bad sides, but explain why they are there.

30/10 Asbjörn? Was that the name of the pianist?

Really good lecture by this man.Just writing down my notes from it.

It's about what you say and the way you say it.
person-where the sound comes from
There is nothing more inhibiting (is that the word?) that being set to professional demands to early.If you are born under the piano and have heard all the great symphonies, that is what you are reaching for when you are starting to learn yourself.But that is not what you are able to do, and you get inhibited.
Creativitet=not sympathetic-prepared to run over people for your cause
The optimal creative group-The Beateles-self-willed,realistic,religious,social,father figure
Put known elements together in a new way=creativity
10 years cycles in creativity.You have creative and emotional cycles.
You can not always function in an optimal way.You have to accept your contraproductive sides.
Create frames that gives creativity possibilities.
Creativity-It's unpredictability.You don't know the result.
The platform of desperation-you are stuck-accept the slowness-waiting is a part of the creative process.
The strive for success-end up in success-based on the judgement of others.
Listen to all ideas, small & big and unsympathic-then it's time to sort them and judge.
Howard Gardner-The seven Intelligences, Creating Minds
Creativity is a long race-only inner mativation makes you able to continue and stick with it
Continue doing what you are doing even if the reward (ex. success) is absent.
If the teacher is sceptic that is a good thing because it motivates you to continue working to convince. It's not good with only positive responces because then things stop.
Creativity=Preparation for times that are yet to come, imagine the future.
Decide the day before what you are going to do.Try to work at about the same hours every day, to get the mind in a working state.
If you have the posibility-Do something that you know you can achieve-the feeling of knowing that you can handle the situation is important-otherwise feelings of desparation and insufficiency.
For example-decide that you are only allowed to work for two hour per day.
Accept all your sides.Know yourself, strong and weak.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Performace artist visited us

They didn't like the word creativity. The way they worked were like research or investigation, a hunger for getting to more knowledge.
1.Documentarim, journalism as a foudation.Investigating journalism.
2.Koversation, discussion
3.Try to put something in the wrong kontext.
They didn't like the idea of forsing the ideas.The ideas should come from some kind of nessecity.From your curiousity.Listen to yourself and what you are interested in.
They thougt that this was also appliable on the industrial designers way to work.
From this a discussion started about how much fredom you have to put your own thougths and believes into the products you are designing.The designer as a nautral or actor.
I would like to be more of an actor in my projects.That makes it more motivating.But at the same time I would like to have the ability to be neutral when I have to.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lecture by Erik Lerhdal

Very intresting lecture bu Erik Lerhdal today.I am going to buy his book tomorrow.

From the brainstorming in the beginning

1.Creativity methods
Arbeta i olika miljöer.Storytelling.Relaxation.Intuitive approach.Byta miljö. Library.Look at pictures.Exercising.Watching TV.För och emot.Skething.Observations.Brainstorming.Working in a group.Surfing the internet.Go for al walk.PROTOTYPES.mODELS.tAKL AND DISCUSS WITH OTHERS.Listening to music.Kravspec.Fantasising.LOOK IN YOUR MEMORY.

2.When are methods needed?
When your mind is stuck.When you need more ideas.When you need more extreme ideas.New perspectives.Time limits.Structure.Direction.To create group dynamic.To be able to work togehter.To kickstart a project.

3.Attitudes when creating
Defending your ideas.Playful.Willingness to fight for the ideas.Joy.Possitivness.Reflection.Skeptisism.Openmindness.Share your ideas..Willing to think in new ways.Kindness.Toughness.Not satisfied.Believe that things can be improved.Curisousity.Intrested.Inspired.Passion.Determination.Kill your darlings.Dicipline.Consistency.Stuboorness.CRAZYNESS.Willingness to take risks.Go beyond what is expected.Suprise yourself and others.

The attitudes is one of the things I will remember from this lecture.

At slagkraft.no you could find more about his stuff.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sound design

Mycket spännande föreläsning av Natasha ???? som höll på med sound art/sound design/ composition/sound reality/3D sound/sound in space/ambasonics?/ljudinstallationer och konserter
Fick veta mycket både om kreativitet och ljud.Otroligt fokuserad människa med svar på allt.
Gick sen och upplevde hennes installationer på Sleppet. Det var så mycket detaljer i ljudet.Jättehäftigt!

Från föreläsningen:
-Hennes inspirationkällor: Vetenskap, ljud utan bild....
-Sluta aldrig forska.Håll dig uppdaterad för att inte hålla på i samma gamla spår.
-Tänk efter om din idé verkligen är bra.Kom du på den i ett glatt ögonblick och nästa dag kanske den inte är så instrressant.Är idén intressant i långa loppet? Utvärdera dina idéer.
-Måste göra processen för att se om det blev bra.I slutet kan man avgöra och bestämma om man ska behålla eller lämna.Men utan att göra processen hade man aldrig vetat.
-När hon samlar ljud blir 50% planerat och 50% improvisation.
-Sållar ut det som är mest intressant.Kan vara inressant bara för att det inte var det man hade förväntat sig.Men egentligen inte så inressant.Reflektera över varför det är intressant.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Vision-based methodology

Vision-based methodology for collaborative management of
qualitative criteria in design.This was the subject of the day.I actually didn't get much wiser.I thouhgt i was a bit confusing and very abstract.And I had a hard time keeping things apart from echother.But I guess that once you understand the method it's a good way to structure a groups thinking.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Exploring Creativity at DogA

The presentations at the release of Erik Lerdahl book Slagkraft were interesting and inspiering.
The things I remember:
You can't force creativity by methods but you can increase the chances of good idéas coming up.
Lock at your idea from the outside and critisize it.
The first idea is almost always traditional.
If you are stuck and lack engagement-Just tear everything up and start over again with new things.
Curiousity=Luck The curious people are the ones hwo have good luck.
Use five minutes in the beginning of a creativity meeting to losen everything up.So people are not so stiff.Then you will gain maybee an hour that you ohterwise would use thinking about, can I say that and so on.
I bought Kreativ ABC by Stig Hjerkinn Haug, one of the speakers.A really funny man.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Playing eachothers creativity cames

It was really fun to realise how different the outcome was from the different games. Some you cound imagine that you could use what came out of it, and some was just experimenting and playing.I like the thing that you can build sometning together and create a comon picture of something, not just be creative by yourself.I would like to se more of that in a game.
It was really fun and it is great to get some boudaries and rules and help on the when you are creating.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Reflections about the lecture on tuesday the 11:th

We tried to get a comon picture about the user by design games. We watched movie clips and after that we made our own stories about a user together.
I was a bit dissapointed about the name design game.I expected it to be more like a game.
But i really think it is a good thing to use pictures.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Visit at Galleri K

My thoughts after the meeting with photographer Mikkel McAlinden...
At first he was reluctant about trying to express in what way and wich methods he used for being creative.But after a few more questions he starded to express what we were looking foor.And obviously he had some methods.
I think that it is really hard to find out what method you are really using.It takes a lot of thinking to bring it out and put it in words.And I am also a bit sad about taking away the mysterious onknown glow about creativity
One thing he said that I liked was that he needs to do bad ugly things aswell.Just to do something without the pressure of it having to be perfect.To create without reaching somewhere.I think that is real creativity...to create without limits.
He talked about that he sorted thoughts, idéas, experiences if different boxes in his head.And you can pic something from these boxes when you need to.It is a hard job to keep everything in your head.
The uncontious was another subject.No genious idéas come from God he said.It is just things that have been stored in the uncontious and at a moment some of them fit together and you find meening and think that somthing is obvious...you got a good idéa.But isn't it dangerous to trust your uncontious conclutions? Couldn't your brain just combine anything and suddenly find a match?
One of his methods for not being repetetive was to try to use new ways of attacking his projects as often as possible.He wanted development and not to be stuck in the same way of doing things. That would kill the creativity.
And finaly I liked the fact that he decided to be finished with his work at a certain time.I think it is hard to end something.You can always do more.And I love the feeling when something is finished.So I guess is is important to set a limit.