Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lecture by Erik Lerhdal

Very intresting lecture bu Erik Lerhdal today.I am going to buy his book tomorrow.

From the brainstorming in the beginning

1.Creativity methods
Arbeta i olika miljöer.Storytelling.Relaxation.Intuitive approach.Byta miljö. Library.Look at pictures.Exercising.Watching TV.För och emot.Skething.Observations.Brainstorming.Working in a group.Surfing the internet.Go for al walk.PROTOTYPES.mODELS.tAKL AND DISCUSS WITH OTHERS.Listening to music.Kravspec.Fantasising.LOOK IN YOUR MEMORY.

2.When are methods needed?
When your mind is stuck.When you need more ideas.When you need more extreme ideas.New perspectives.Time limits.Structure.Direction.To create group dynamic.To be able to work togehter.To kickstart a project.

3.Attitudes when creating
Defending your ideas.Playful.Willingness to fight for the ideas.Joy.Possitivness.Reflection.Skeptisism.Openmindness.Share your ideas..Willing to think in new ways.Kindness.Toughness.Not satisfied.Believe that things can be improved.Curisousity.Intrested.Inspired.Passion.Determination.Kill your darlings.Dicipline.Consistency.Stuboorness.CRAZYNESS.Willingness to take risks.Go beyond what is expected.Suprise yourself and others.

The attitudes is one of the things I will remember from this lecture.

At slagkraft.no you could find more about his stuff.

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