Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Last day before the essay week

Things that were said:
There are different roles in a creative group-and you can't be all of those yourself
Disagrement-important in a group
What qualities do you have that makes you a good team?
Live with the uncertainty-a litle further and probably a better idea will come to you,don't just jump on the first one
Never think that you have the best design-there can always be better ones
How close am I to the best design
The brain is comfortable and want's to solve problems-you often stay at that comfortable level "good enough"- continue working-to live with uncertainty longer pays of.
Make uncertainty/discomfort your friend!
Strech yourself.And even if you end up at the same idea, you have a different view on it.
You get attached to your firt idea-be able to throw it away.
Methods for getting a new perspective on your project:
Put it away for a while
Get it down on paper-write it away-And then it's out of your head and you can throw it if you want to.
Keep the soultion but change the parameters, the background-new view
Se it as a solution among others, not as the only one.
reverse assumptions-the water comes out of the tap ot goes into the tap-different solutions-you can move on
Think of why you are stuck to the idea.Wat is so good about it
Honest feedback from others-they can be more critical than you
Try to do the worst design solution, to se the extreme

Don't be afraid to do crappy things
Manipulate yourself to think positive about the project-focuse on the positive-se the special thinhs an the challenge
Reflect about the good and bad sides to the project.Don't try to hide the bad sides, but explain why they are there.

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