Tuesday, November 6, 2007

30/10 Asbjörn? Was that the name of the pianist?

Really good lecture by this man.Just writing down my notes from it.

It's about what you say and the way you say it.
person-where the sound comes from
There is nothing more inhibiting (is that the word?) that being set to professional demands to early.If you are born under the piano and have heard all the great symphonies, that is what you are reaching for when you are starting to learn yourself.But that is not what you are able to do, and you get inhibited.
Creativitet=not sympathetic-prepared to run over people for your cause
The optimal creative group-The Beateles-self-willed,realistic,religious,social,father figure
Put known elements together in a new way=creativity
10 years cycles in creativity.You have creative and emotional cycles.
You can not always function in an optimal way.You have to accept your contraproductive sides.
Create frames that gives creativity possibilities.
Creativity-It's unpredictability.You don't know the result.
The platform of desperation-you are stuck-accept the slowness-waiting is a part of the creative process.
The strive for success-end up in success-based on the judgement of others.
Listen to all ideas, small & big and unsympathic-then it's time to sort them and judge.
Howard Gardner-The seven Intelligences, Creating Minds
Creativity is a long race-only inner mativation makes you able to continue and stick with it
Continue doing what you are doing even if the reward (ex. success) is absent.
If the teacher is sceptic that is a good thing because it motivates you to continue working to convince. It's not good with only positive responces because then things stop.
Creativity=Preparation for times that are yet to come, imagine the future.
Decide the day before what you are going to do.Try to work at about the same hours every day, to get the mind in a working state.
If you have the posibility-Do something that you know you can achieve-the feeling of knowing that you can handle the situation is important-otherwise feelings of desparation and insufficiency.
For example-decide that you are only allowed to work for two hour per day.
Accept all your sides.Know yourself, strong and weak.

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